Prince of Persia

I enjoyed it, but it’s a guilty plea­sure. The game holds your hand at every point, and is gen­er­al­ly an easy tourist game. That said, I rel­ished the plat­form­ing and rhythm of the game. Like Mirror’s Edge, the nav­i­ga­tion game­play has a cadence to it, and once you get the basics, you can have a lot of fun mov­ing through the world.

So what keeps the game from being tru­ly great? Entire­ly Quick­time dri­ven com­bat sys­tems. Repet­i­tive game­play. Tacked-on weak puz­zles best solved by rote click­ing. I mean, I know I just called it a tourist game, but those 4 or so puz­zles were lame.

What real­ly stands in the way of great­ness? Well, Sands of Time. It’s a bet­ter game and hard to erase from mem­o­ry.

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