Make a new Star Wars? Good luck.

Global President of 2K Christoph Hartmann has told MCV that Bioshock has the potential to emulate the Star Wars series.

Yeah, so, good luck. I don’t want to get into all the ways in which Star Wars creates likeable characters, a fantasy galaxy, and an optimistic history for itself that Bioshock, with survivor horror as its bedrock, can never have. But what we can observe is the reality of entertainment today.

Not even the recent Lord of the Rings films have been or will be incapable of building a franchise that will come to close to Star Wars. And while I do put Star Wars on a pedestal, my judgment isn’t about quality of Star Wars vs LOTR or Bioshock. It’s about the realities of today vs the late 70s and early 80s. Today means having a new blockbuster movie and AAA video game every other week. It’s about having the internet, three gaming consoles, iphones, etc. We swim in so many entertainment options that I don’t think we will ever again have a mass culture event in film or console video games. Nothing as sweeping and persistant as Star Wars became after the original trilogy.

(As an aside, we will have new big cultural influences in entertainment and in games, but it will probably come in a new medium. World of Warcraft is the closest we’ve seen in a decade.)

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  • […] There are two real and sensible reasons not to make a BioShock MMO. First, it would be dumb to integrate persistent multiplayer into this franchise. I would expect to succeed about as well as, well, putting instanced multiplayer into the IP (hi, Bioshock 2!) And more importantly, the lesson of MMOs today could be that only the largest and most financially successful franchises will be made into MMOs. Big franchises have been turned into successful MMOs. Little ones, not so much. Bioshock is not a successful, big franchise. My personal like of the game and its outstanding ratings aside, Bioshock has never sold like a big franchise. And I’m pretty sure we can agree two years later that it is not as big as Star Wars. […]

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