Monthly Archives: March 2009

GDC Thoughts, Part 2

First blog­ging away from home. All two miles of dis­tance. My best ses­sion today was ten ses­sions long. The prob­lem with GDC is that, even when you know the speak­er and the top­ic, some­times you don’t get you what you’re look­ing for. Or the speak­er has a bad day, what­ev­er. What’s one answer to that? […]

GDC Thoughts, Part 1

Three days of fun, right? Some­times… any­way, the real ben­e­fit is the class reunion. See­ing old friends and col­leagues, swap­ping sto­ries, drink­ing, and lying to one anoth­er all over again. Between that, inter­views, work, and meet­ings for work, I hope to sneak in a cou­ple of con­fer­ence ses­sions that were worth some­thing. Din­ner tonight at […]

The Best DVD Commentary Ever

isn’t on a DVD at all. It’s online. Spiel­berg, Lucas, and Kas­dan met in 1978 to dis­cuss the basic sto­ry ideas behind the char­ac­ter Indi­ana Jones and the movie called Raiders of the Lost Ark. Know­ing the sto­ry as well as we do today, and see­ing the gen­e­sis of each idea … price­less. Check out […]

Video games are a form of expression protected by the First Amendment”

This is slight­ly stale in terms of news, but I didn’t see it until I returned home to the land of free­dom, Amer­i­ca. Where we (try to) ban books and video games. The good news? In Cal­i­for­nia, the rul­ng against age lim­its on game sales was upheld. Pre­dictably enough, our gov­er­nor and the gray-haired folks […]