Video games are a form of expression protected by the First Amendment”

This is slight­ly stale in terms of news, but I didn’t see it until I returned home to the land of free­dom, Amer­i­ca. Where we (try to) ban books and video games. The good news? In Cal­i­for­nia, the rul­ng against age lim­its on game sales was upheld.

Pre­dictably enough, our gov­er­nor and the gray-haired folks in the state leg­is­la­ture lose anoth­er attempt at restrict­ing “patent­ly offen­sive” vio­lent video games. The courts strike down the law. Same result as when oth­er states try the last few years. And very like­ly, just like what would hap­pen if Lieber­man were to get a fed­er­al law passed.

Let me sum­ma­rize the core of the issue: Peo­ple that don’t play video games, and gen­er­al­ly peo­ple over 40 (that means just about all elect­ed offi­cials), firm­ly hold to the belief that video games are for kids. Peri­od. In that view, there is no place in the world for GTAIV or any game that has the equiv­a­lent of R-rat­ed con­tent. Adults that play video games are all deviants or losers liv­ing in their parent’s base­ment. (Is that a straw man attack? Sort of!)

Film suf­fered from oth­er stig­mas grow­ing up, but nev­er this one. I don’t have a clue how the gam­ing indus­try gets out from the trap. As soon as you say “game,” much of the world thinks “kids.” Ignore the fact that they play games on their black­ber­ry or iPhone.

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