The Best DVD Commentary Ever

isn’t on a DVD at all. It’s online. Spiel­berg, Lucas, and Kas­dan met in 1978 to dis­cuss the basic sto­ry ideas behind the char­ac­ter Indi­ana Jones and the movie called Raiders of the Lost Ark. Know­ing the sto­ry as well as we do today, and see­ing the gen­e­sis of each idea … price­less.

Check out the top 10 on the blog page there, but it’s worth the hour or more it will take you to read the pdf of the meet­ing your­self.

Big films, just like big games, are a tri­umph of tal­ent col­lab­o­ra­tion. Hav­ing smart peo­ple in the room doesn’t mean that ideas have to come out designed by com­mit­tee or watered down to the please every­one.

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