Boys vs. Girls

If you haven’t kept up with the lat­est post-GDC tem­pest (and real­ly, why would you?), it starts and ends with game crit­ic Heather Chap­lin giv­ing a rant dur­ing the rant round­table at GDC. Sum­ma­ry here. I didn’t attend this one, and I don’t real­ly regret miss­ing it. Short ver­sion: We devel­op­ers are all stunt­ed ado­les­cents who can’t pro­duce mature work.smartbomb

I know it’s a rant. I know that jour­nal­ists have to go for the sound­bite and atten­tion. And still… was this real­ly going to ele­vate the dis­course? How often do emas­cu­lat­ing ad hominem attacks lead to matu­ri­ty or depth?

Jaffe may be a man-boy ado­les­cent when it comes to his taste in games, but his response yes­ter­day stands up pret­ty well to me. Enter­tain­ment can be just enter­tain­ment. And it’s okay for game devel­op­ers to have no more ambi­tion than that, to be a video game Michael Bay or (hope­ful­ly) Chris Nolan.

For what it’s worth, I like Smart­bomb. Read that, it’s bet­ter than anyone’s vol­leys in this escapade.

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  • So some­one I know acntle­cialdy knocked some Coke onto my Nikon L2 last thanks­giv­ing and as such left me with a sticky lens and shut­ter doors. There is a faint spot in the lcd but oth­er than that every­thing seems to work fine. Would I ruin the lens if I cleaned it with a q-tip and some rub­bing alco­hol or do you have any sug­ges­tions on what to clean the sticky shut­ter doors with?Thanks!

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