Dinner with Timmy

I don’t normally stalk celebrities….

Last night after work I went to dinner at Parma, a tiny Italian restaurant in the Presidio area. There, a little happy luck shined down.

At the table next to me? Tim Lincecum and Joe Martinez. I tried to let them eat in peace, but happily Timmy joined in our strategically timed baseball talk. He talked about what it’s like to hit (or not), how much he likes playing in Chicago and hates playing in Atlanta, and how he hopes to stay on the Giants long-term. Joe, meanwhile, said he was feeling great after the injury and hoped to be playing again soon. I embarassed myself with talking about how good of a Tim Lincecum I was on the PS3.

The grainy cell-phone picture of Heather is there to prove to myself that it happened.

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