Dinner with Timmy

I don’t nor­mal­ly stalk celebri­ties.…

Last night after work I went to din­ner at Par­ma, a tiny Ital­ian restau­rant in the Pre­sidio area. There, a lit­tle hap­py luck shined down.

At the table next to me? Tim Lince­cum and Joe Mar­tinez. I tried to let them eat in peace, but hap­pi­ly Tim­my joined in our strate­gi­cal­ly timed base­ball talk. He talked about what it’s like to hit (or not), how much he likes play­ing in Chica­go and hates play­ing in Atlanta, and how he hopes to stay on the Giants long-term. Joe, mean­while, said he was feel­ing great after the injury and hoped to be play­ing again soon. I embarassed myself with talk­ing about how good of a Tim Lince­cum I was on the PS3.

The grainy cell-phone pic­ture of Heather is there to prove to myself that it hap­pened.

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