Thirteen Again

When I was thirteen years old, I stayed up late to watch Star Trek. This was 1986 (yeah, the math says I’m sort of old). The local cable affiliate aired the adventures of Kirk and Spock from 11 to 12 every night. God bless them.

I must admit I was pretty much friendless following the jarring family move from Connecticut to Georgia. It would be months before I made friends in school and in my neighborhood, and by the time I managed that, my habits were established. The end of each day found me mesmerized by a vision of an optimistic human future.

Abram’s vision isn’t really especially similar to Roddenberry’s. And that’s okay. Because the new movie is damned entertaining, and for a couple hours last night, I was a kid again.

P.S. Am I the only one deeply amused by the juxtaposition of today’s Lucasfilm campus and tomorrow’s Starfleet Academy?

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