Self-Interest and the General Manager

Every­one acts in their own self-inter­est. Bri­an Sabean wants to make a trade for a bat.

Good idea. Noth­ing wrong with try­ing to address a weak­ness, and believe me, the local team has a weak­ness. (Giants : Offense :: Achilles : Heel). The ques­tion becomes what you’re will­ing to give up. Sabean is will­ing to give up a piece of the team’s future for a bet­ter chance to win today. Noth­ing wrong with this exchange either. If the improve­ment today has a chance to make a dif­fer­ence, that is. Last I checked, Base­ball Prospec­tus put the odds of the Giants mak­ing the play­offs at about 4%.

What is the Giants goal? Rebuild. Get younger. Get expe­ri­ence to pre­pare for com­pet­i­tive runs in the next cou­ple years while wait­ing for a group of promis­ing play­ers come up from the minors.

What is the gen­er­al manager’s goal? Keep his job. How can he best do this? Put the best team he can on the field, right now, and win the most games he can. Impress the own­er­ship.

These goals are not com­pat­i­ble.


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