Self-Interest and the General Manager

Everyone acts in their own self-interest. Brian Sabean wants to make a trade for a bat.

Good idea. Nothing wrong with trying to address a weakness, and believe me, the local team has a weakness. (Giants : Offense :: Achilles : Heel). The question becomes what you’re willing to give up. Sabean is willing to give up a piece of the team’s future for a better chance to win today. Nothing wrong with this exchange either. If the improvement today has a chance to make a difference, that is. Last I checked, Baseball Prospectus put the odds of the Giants making the playoffs at about 4%.

What is the Giants goal? Rebuild. Get younger. Get experience to prepare for competitive runs in the next couple years while waiting for a group of promising players come up from the minors.

What is the general manager’s goal? Keep his job. How can he best do this? Put the best team he can on the field, right now, and win the most games he can. Impress the ownership.

These goals are not compatible.


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