I love E3. I hate E3.

I loved my first E3. Sort of liked my sec­ond. Hat­ed every one since. And I didn’t shed a sin­gle tear when it was cancelled/downsized.

Speak­ing less self­ish­ly, E3 is prob­a­bly good for the indus­try, if not for devel­op­ers forced to put some­thing togeth­er to show, usu­al­ly with­out ade­quate time or plan­ning. And since I don’t have to attend this year, I can sit on the side­line and look for­ward to hear­ing the game and con­sole announce­ments con­densed down to a three day time peri­od.

But the return of “big E3” means that I could be drawn back into that cir­cus all too soon. Joy.

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