Trial Balloon for Microsoft? Nope!

Thou Shalt Maximize Revenue

Thou Shalt Max­i­mize Rev­enue

This has tri­al bal­loon writ­ten all over it.

Adver­tis­ers and cre­ative design­ers will soon have more artis­tic free­dom to turn cam­paigns on Xbox Live into inter­ac­tive and inter­con­nect­ed expe­ri­ences reach­ing far beyond tech­nol­o­gy for tele­vi­sion, Sean Alexan­der, direc­tor at Microsoft’s Adver­tis­ing Busi­ness Group, said Mon­day.

Per­son­al­ly, I don’t much care. Nav­i­gat­ing the XBox Live expe­ri­ence won’t be much changed when I get ads splashed about on the top or bot­tom or hid­ing in the cor­ners. And while I am well tired of pay­ing a sub­scrip­tion fee for con­tent and then still putting up with ads (hel­lo, Sir­ius XM), Microsoft won’t be the last to go down this road.

Of course, your opin­ion may vary. DrezKill has a dif­fer­ent opin­ion:

But seri­ous­ly, whether you have a GOLD account or not, f*ck dis shiznit!!! Gawd damn you Microsoft!!! Damn you to hell!!!

Look­ing over at my Xbox screen, this doesn’t real­ly seem like any­thing new. Every­thing on the “front page” is real­ly just an adver­tise­ment for a game, add-on, or piece of con­tent.

Update 7/2/09: That’s no bal­loon! Lar­ry Hrib, Xbox Live Direc­tor of Pro­gram­ming, con­firms that ads are com­ing to XBox Live. Don’t wor­ry, though, they’ll be taste­ful.

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  • Ok, this right here piss­es me off and is EXACTLY what is going wrong with the VG indus­try today. So along with 50% of con­soles (XB3) being shipped faulty, charg­ing a fee for online use, and mak­ing back deals with game com­pa­nies for first dibs on DL con­tent (and some of that being con­tent shipped on the game disk but unus­able before pay­ing for it…), now we have to deal with adver­tise­ments too, and mark my words, next will be adver­tise­ments IN-GAME, see an add for their next game on load­ing screens. Activi­sions CEO has already bla­tant­ly said if he could charge more for his games, he would. Along with no allow­ing mul­ti­ple pro­files (on a SINGLE com­put­er no less), no ded­i­cat­ed servers, no cus­tom mods or maps, and pret­ty much refus­ing to fix GLARING issues and ram­pant hack­ing in CODMW2 (among oth­er non­sense in oth­er games, Rock Gui­tar Pro Hero Band 11 for $399.99 any­one?). I swear, Bliz­zard messed it up for every­one with the suc­cess­ful PPM mod­el (not blam­ing WoW per­son­al­ly cuz I played it and it was great), but now every­one wants on the PPM band­wag­on, but with­out devel­op­ing a HUGE game like WoW, or putting as much effort and mon­ey into it as Bliz­zard does. This kind of stuff needs to end, or theres going to be no one left to see their ads.

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