Trial Balloon for Microsoft? Nope!

Thou Shalt Maximize Revenue

Thou Shalt Maximize Revenue

This has trial balloon written all over it.

Advertisers and creative designers will soon have more artistic freedom to turn campaigns on Xbox Live into interactive and interconnected experiences reaching far beyond technology for television, Sean Alexander, director at Microsoft’s Advertising Business Group, said Monday.

Personally, I don’t much care. Navigating the XBox Live experience won’t be much changed when I get ads splashed about on the top or bottom or hiding in the corners. And while I am well tired of paying a subscription fee for content and then still putting up with ads (hello, Sirius XM), Microsoft won’t be the last to go down this road.

Of course, your opinion may vary. DrezKill has a different opinion:

But seriously, whether you have a GOLD account or not, f*ck dis shiznit!!! Gawd damn you Microsoft!!! Damn you to hell!!!

Looking over at my Xbox screen, this doesn’t really seem like anything new. Everything on the “front page” is really just an advertisement for a game, add-on, or piece of content.

Update 7/2/09: That’s no balloon! Larry Hrib, Xbox Live Director of Programming, confirms that ads are coming to XBox Live. Don’t worry, though, they’ll be tasteful.

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  • Ok, this right here pisses me off and is EXACTLY what is going wrong with the VG industry today. So along with 50% of consoles (XB3) being shipped faulty, charging a fee for online use, and making back deals with game companies for first dibs on DL content (and some of that being content shipped on the game disk but unusable before paying for it…), now we have to deal with advertisements too, and mark my words, next will be advertisements IN-GAME, see an add for their next game on loading screens. Activisions CEO has already blatantly said if he could charge more for his games, he would. Along with no allowing multiple profiles (on a SINGLE computer no less), no dedicated servers, no custom mods or maps, and pretty much refusing to fix GLARING issues and rampant hacking in CODMW2 (among other nonsense in other games, Rock Guitar Pro Hero Band 11 for $399.99 anyone?). I swear, Blizzard messed it up for everyone with the successful PPM model (not blaming WoW personally cuz I played it and it was great), but now everyone wants on the PPM bandwagon, but without developing a HUGE game like WoW, or putting as much effort and money into it as Blizzard does. This kind of stuff needs to end, or theres going to be no one left to see their ads.

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