PC Gaming vs. Pirates

The good news: Mod­ern War­fare 2, over four mil­lion copies sold. The bad news: over four mil­lion copies ille­gal­ly down­loaded. Like music and film, games are just data that can be sent over the tubes. Film and games are respec­tive­ly hard­er thanks to their larg­er size, but grow­ing band­width will make this point moot. Pira­cy is get­ting eas­i­er and eas­i­er, and the PC gam­ing sec­tion in the retail stores looks more and more pathet­ic. While not cause and effect, these are not unre­lat­ed either.

Inevitable result: play­ers must log into an inter­net account to val­i­date their pur­chase and play a game, much like you would an MMO. Of course, a large per­cent­age of PC game sales these days seem to be un-pirate­able MMOs any­way.

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