Monthly Archives: February 2010

Free Dungeons & Profit

About six months ago, I suggested we should check back later and see how DDO’s experiment with free-to-play has gone. The answer, according to Turbine’s current executive this week, is pretty well: The response from players to DDO Unlimited has been nothing short of phenomenal. We’ve known all along how great this game is and […]

Gaming Meets Public Transportation

Imagine this scene. Here I was on the 43 bus. Several Lucasfolk reside somewhere between Haight and Cole Valley, and so running into friends on the ride home is common. Tonight, we formed a design conference, with five designers happening to board at the same time. Predictably enough, we soon found ourselves talking about our […]

BioShock 2′s Shocking System Flaw

Loved Bioshock. Enjoying Bioshock 2, a few hours in. Congratulations to friends up at 2K Marin, for the successful launch. May the sound of cash registers ring out for them.So why am I writing here? One design element I’ve found in my first few hours warrants questioning. Remember the respawn system of Bioshock? Death in […]

Mass Effect 2 Disappoints, Part 2

Story is where an RPG should shine – even a hybrid RPG like this one. The RPG player demonstrates a willingness to take things at a slower pace, to invest himself into character and story, and to relish the narrative. So let’s look at the Mass Effect 2’s plot [Spoilers!]: Hero is killed by aliens, […]