Gaming Meets Public Transportation

Imagine this scene. Here I was on the 43 bus. Several Lucasfolk reside somewhere between Haight and Cole Valley, and so running into friends on the ride home is common. Tonight, we formed a design conference, with five designers happening to board at the same time.

Predictably enough, we soon found ourselves talking about our work, engine, and tools. Then, games. Things we’re playing, from pen and paper D&D (“What do you think of 4th?”) to recent releases (“Do you think Bioshock’s closed story needed a sequel?”). All well and good, an enjoyable way to pass the half hour.

Except one crazy thing. On our half-full bus, a pair of fellow passengers joined our conversation. At first this was amusing. Then annoying. Finally, surprising. For while designers we have a handle on deconstructing games, the comments from these random acquaintances, well, they were sharp and on point. I for one had never considered that parallels between Mass Effect 2 and the Dirty Dozen

And this isn’t even GDC week yet.

P.S.: This morning on the ride in, a pair of teenage kids were talking about Modern Warfare, XBox gamer points, and whether the skateboards they bought for their avatars were worth it. This time I joined in the conversation. Hopefully I didn’t sound too old or lame, but hey, now we’ve exchanged gamertags. Life is weird in this city.

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