Gaming Meets Public Transportation

Imag­ine this scene. Here I was on the 43 bus. Sev­er­al Lucas­folk reside some­where between Haight and Cole Val­ley, and so run­ning into friends on the ride home is com­mon. Tonight, we formed a design con­fer­ence, with five design­ers hap­pen­ing to board at the same time.

Pre­dictably enough, we soon found our­selves talk­ing about our work, engine, and tools. Then, games. Things we’re play­ing, from pen and paper D&D (“What do you think of 4th?”) to recent releas­es (“Do you think Bioshock’s closed sto­ry need­ed a sequel?”). All well and good, an enjoy­able way to pass the half hour.

Except one crazy thing. On our half-full bus, a pair of fel­low pas­sen­gers joined our con­ver­sa­tion. At first this was amus­ing. Then annoy­ing. Final­ly, sur­pris­ing. For while design­ers we have a han­dle on decon­struct­ing games, the com­ments from these ran­dom acquain­tances, well, they were sharp and on point. I for one had nev­er con­sid­ered that par­al­lels between Mass Effect 2 and the Dirty Dozen

And this isn’t even GDC week yet.

P.S.: This morn­ing on the ride in, a pair of teenage kids were talk­ing about Mod­ern War­fare, XBox gamer points, and whether the skate­boards they bought for their avatars were worth it. This time I joined in the con­ver­sa­tion. Hope­ful­ly I didn’t sound too old or lame, but hey, now we’ve exchanged gamertags. Life is weird in this city.

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