Monthly Archives: March 2010

Let me adjust difficulty during play!

One thing I didn’t mention a couple weeks ago when talking about what game designers can do better with difficulty is: let the player adjust his game difficulty after he plays. Why should we presume as game designers that our definition of “medium” or “normal” is the same one that the player is ready for. […]

Another Year, Another GDC

I don’t have much to say about GDC this year. Wrap-ups at gamasutra can do a better job of what all was there. GDC seemed dominated by two themes: Naughty Dog takes everyone to school. That’s what one of my coworkers called it. Really, I didn’t mind, though, they had a lot of detailed talks […]

Set Your Difficulty Higher…

Painful lessons seem to be the ones that teach the most, whatever the subject. Pain provides motivation to find a path that leads to success. I remember the first time I waved a bat as a baseball sailed on by. It was an ugly swing. And my coach let me hear it, in front of […]