Another Year, Another GDC

I don’t have much to say about GDC this year. Wrap-ups at gama­su­tra can do a bet­ter job of what all was there. GDC seemed dom­i­nat­ed by two themes:

  1. Naughty Dog takes every­one to school. That’s what one of my cowork­ers called it. Real­ly, I didn’t mind, though, they had a lot of detailed talks that real­ly let you behind the cur­tain of how they do things. Very prac­ti­cal advice.
  2. OMG! Social games! Face­book, and Far­mville, make a lot of mon­ey. But Heather should be the one say­ing any­thing on this sub­ject.

Per­son­al­ly, I was spend­ing much of my time work­ing with our recruit­ing depart­ment to screen poten­tial can­di­dates. (PS: We’re hir­ing).

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