Bullshit Alert: Zynga threatens Sony and Microsoft

From the land of ven­ture cap­i­tal­ists look­ing to cash on the lat­est enter­tain­ment fad (social net­work games , as opposed to last year’s vir­tu­al worlds), we get this garbage from For­tune mag­a­zine:

With more than 235 mil­lion month­ly users, Zyn­ga rules the nascent world of free online games played via social net­works like Face­book. Real pur­chas­es of vir­tu­al goods, like trac­tor fuel in Zynga’s hit game Far­mVille, gen­er­ate over 90% of the company’s rev­enue, pos­ing a real threat to the gam­ing busi­ness­es of indus­try giants like Microsoft and Sony [empha­sis added], whose con­soles depend on play­ers pay­ing cash for games upfront.

A real threat to MS and Sony? Get real. The only threat Zyn­ga pos­es is to stu­pid VC peo­ple who throw their mon­ey down the black holes of me-too imi­ta­tors. I don’t doubt that Sony and Microsoft would like a piece of that mon­ey pie (and they have it, hel­lo Xbox Live and PSN), but social net­work games threat­en the core gam­ing busi­ness? Come on. The eco­nom­ic recov­ery has already seen core gam­ing sales recov­er. And though Farmville’s suc­cess will out-prof­it Mod­ern War­fare 2, over time, let’s not for­get how lucra­tive the hits in AAA devel­op­ment can be:

The game, whose sales sur­passed $401 mil­lion in the first 24 hours of release, was the fastest-sell­ing enter­tain­ment prod­uct day-one, says Guin­ness, which had pre­vi­ous­ly held Grand Theft Auto IV as the record-hold­er.

What minus­cule  seg­ment of the audi­ence do you think plays FB games and also core games? Based on my face­book spam, it’s all house­wives and casu­al gamers that play these games. Sure, it’s more mon­ey com­ing into in the games indus­try, but what does this have to do with sales of the next Call of Duty or God of War? Noth­ing. Noth­ing at all.

Leigh Alexan­der says it nicer: The News Of Con­sole Gaming’s Death Has Been Great­ly Exag­ger­at­ed.


  • Well said. This just in, news media likes to sen­sa­tion­al­ize bull­crap to move copy.

    Not that Zyn­ga isn’t mak­ing mon­ey hand over fist, but to make a state­ment like that is lazy jour­nal­ism at best and out­right fecal mat­ter at worst.

  • Geekoid wrote:

    The first line of this sto­ry is: Bull­shit Alert: Zyn­ga threat­ens Sony and Microsoft.

    Worth, you used the word “bull­crap” instead of “bull­shit”. I here­by call you out for being a wet wipe and a pussy. 😯

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