Monthly Archives: October 2010

The New Job

Today was my first day at Vis­cer­al. It was good day, once the nec­es­sary human resources ori­en­ta­tion timesink was com­plete. Noth­ing per­son­al, Jeff. For the record, I don’t talk much about my job or the specifics of what I’m work­ing on it on this blog. That’s not like­ly to change. Work­ing on unre­leased (and fre­quent­ly […]

Regretful Validation

After a full day at Bliz­zCon, I leave the Ana­heim Con­ven­tion Cen­ter feel­ing that this morning’s opin­ion stands jus­ti­fied. When com­pared to any gam­ing con­ven­tion, there is so lit­tle activ­i­ty. Lots of peo­ple, but lit­tle con­tent. And if it is for news or infor­ma­tion you came, Bliz­zard under­stand­ably and jeal­ous­ly guards its secrets. What remains […]

BliizzCon Begins

Bliz­zCon is a weird event. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been to dozens of gam­ing con­ven­tions: small local things, Drag­onCon, Gen­con, old E3, new E3, PAX, etc. Each is dif­fer­ent, but each con­tains such a diver­si­ty of activ­i­ties and inter­ests that I under­stand why the event exists. I don’t real­ly under­stand why this event does. […]

There’s No Deodorant Like Success”

Eliz­a­beth Taylor’s apho­rism finds use in sports, pol­i­tics, music, and of course busi­ness. I hear the phrase in the halls of devel­op­ment stu­dios, where it gets stan­dard bizs­peak usage. “If our game/project/feature suc­ceeds,” the thought goes, “it won’t mat­ter how many fail­ures, con­flicts, or tears we pro­duced along the way.” I think it’s intend­ed to improve […]