Regretful Validation

After a full day at BlizzCon, I leave the Anaheim Convention Center feeling that this morning’s opinion stands justified. When compared to any gaming convention, there is so little activity. Lots of people, but little content. And if it is for news or information you came, Blizzard understandably and jealously guards its secrets. What remains is easily digested from kotaku or the gaming news site of your choice.

What this event reminds me of is a pep rally. With gorgeous videos and high-tech PowerPoint. The real point of coming here is to be extolled by the design (and marketing) geniuses at Blizzard just how special, creative, and unique all of us millions of fans really are.

In return, we wait in line for hours for the privilege of buying WarCraft, StarCraft, and Diablo clothing and souvenirs. To be honest, though, it makes me a little sad that while the men (and a few women) to my left and right are screaming with excitement, I’m too old, too jaded, or just not enough of a fan to get it.

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