Regretful Validation

After a full day at Bliz­zCon, I leave the Ana­heim Con­ven­tion Cen­ter feel­ing that this morning’s opin­ion stands jus­ti­fied. When com­pared to any gam­ing con­ven­tion, there is so lit­tle activ­i­ty. Lots of peo­ple, but lit­tle con­tent. And if it is for news or infor­ma­tion you came, Bliz­zard under­stand­ably and jeal­ous­ly guards its secrets. What remains is eas­i­ly digest­ed from kotaku or the gam­ing news site of your choice.

What this event reminds me of is a pep ral­ly. With gor­geous videos and high-tech Pow­er­Point. The real point of com­ing here is to be extolled by the design (and mar­ket­ing) genius­es at Bliz­zard just how spe­cial, cre­ative, and unique all of us mil­lions of fans real­ly are.

In return, we wait in line for hours for the priv­i­lege of buy­ing War­Craft, Star­Craft, and Dia­blo cloth­ing and sou­venirs. To be hon­est, though, it makes me a lit­tle sad that while the men (and a few women) to my left and right are scream­ing with excite­ment, I’m too old, too jad­ed, or just not enough of a fan to get it.

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