The New Job

Today was my first day at Visceral. It was good day, once the necessary human resources orientation timesink was complete. Nothing personal, Jeff.

For the record, I don’t talk much about my job or the specifics of what I’m working on it on this blog. That’s not likely to change. Working on unreleased (and frequently unannounced) games has that effect. And after release, you can judge the results for yourself. While some of you my be interested in the sausage-making of game development, the truth is that for anything that isn’t announced, I can’t comment. And for things that are announced, feedback for a game that’s still in development should and will be focused internally.

Also for the record, Bubbles Morgan of Game Dev Story bears little resemblance to me. Though we both feel like industry veterans. This iPhone game should just be occupying my commute time, right? And yet… a couple nights ago I spent hours staring at the little screen, feverishly clicking until the batteries ran down, all to produce a game that could win Game of the Year… this time for sure!

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