The New Job

Today was my first day at Vis­cer­al. It was good day, once the nec­es­sary human resources ori­en­ta­tion timesink was com­plete. Noth­ing per­son­al, Jeff.

For the record, I don’t talk much about my job or the specifics of what I’m work­ing on it on this blog. That’s not like­ly to change. Work­ing on unre­leased (and fre­quent­ly unan­nounced) games has that effect. And after release, you can judge the results for your­self. While some of you my be inter­est­ed in the sausage-mak­ing of game devel­op­ment, the truth is that for any­thing that isn’t announced, I can’t com­ment. And for things that are announced, feed­back for a game that’s still in devel­op­ment should and will be focused inter­nal­ly.

Also for the record, Bub­bles Mor­gan of Game Dev Sto­ry bears lit­tle resem­blance to me. Though we both feel like indus­try vet­er­ans. This iPhone game should just be occu­py­ing my com­mute time, right? And yet… a cou­ple nights ago I spent hours star­ing at the lit­tle screen, fever­ish­ly click­ing until the bat­ter­ies ran down, all to pro­duce a game that could win Game of the Year… this time for sure!

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