Asinine Gaming News: Top 10 Lists

It’s that time of the year. Mistletoe, eggnog, caroling, and presents wrapped in bows. As a bonus, print and online publications complete the annual ritual of “top 10” lists for everything. For us, that means watering down a years worth of games into ranks of one game against another. Don’t worry, I’m not going to try.

With everyone from Time to Gamasutra indulging in the puerile practice, I have to ask… why? The listsmakers readily admit the futility of it, the impossibility of comparing Angry Birds to CoDBlOps. Gaming journalists contort themselves into illogical arguments about innovation versus fun and the like. Now this could be theoretically entertaining, but the absurdity of it seems to water down even their weak justifications for why A is better than B. The only value a top 10 list would seem to have is in providing  a helpful cheat sheet for the casual gamer. Might I suggest we save time with a link to this? Actually, aren’t most journalists cribbing from metacritic anyway?

The real point of it the top 10 list seems to bump pageviews. And to troll the internet. For the special award of Worst Troll, check “Worst of Lists” like this one. Even the author admits he’s just trolling you.

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