Asinine Gaming News: Top 10 Lists

It’s that time of the year. Mistle­toe, eggnog, car­ol­ing, and presents wrapped in bows. As a bonus, print and online pub­li­ca­tions com­plete the annu­al rit­u­al of “top 10” lists for every­thing. For us, that means water­ing down a years worth of games into ranks of one game against anoth­er. Don’t wor­ry, I’m not going to try.

With every­one from Time to Gama­su­tra indulging in the puerile prac­tice, I have to ask… why? The lists­mak­ers read­i­ly admit the futil­i­ty of it, the impos­si­bil­i­ty of com­par­ing Angry Birds to CoD­BlOps. Gam­ing jour­nal­ists con­tort them­selves into illog­i­cal argu­ments about inno­va­tion ver­sus fun and the like. Now this could be the­o­ret­i­cal­ly enter­tain­ing, but the absur­di­ty of it seems to water down even their weak jus­ti­fi­ca­tions for why A is bet­ter than B. The only val­ue a top 10 list would seem to have is in pro­vid­ing  a help­ful cheat sheet for the casu­al gamer. Might I sug­gest we save time with a link to this? Actu­al­ly, aren’t most jour­nal­ists crib­bing from meta­crit­ic any­way?

The real point of it the top 10 list seems to bump pageviews. And to troll the inter­net. For the spe­cial award of Worst Troll, check “Worst of Lists” like this one. Even the author admits he’s just trolling you.

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