Even Great Games Have Bugs

Yes, this is primitive screen shot technology

The most interesting thing about this funny picture is that Ubisoft’s developers chose to fill the bottom of their world with water. Fall through in a hole in the world, splash. Most games I’ve worked on have an infinite space to fall through below (sometimes followed by a crash of floating point problems) or a death plane a few meters down.

The watery underworld solution probably worked better in the original Assassin’s Creed, during which Altaïr channels the Wicked Witch of the West, dying on first contact with water. That was great for wharf and ship-based assassinations. Anyway, in the sequels, Ezio can manage what most medieval citizens couldn’t: swim. The result was that I got to swim below the world, looking up at its pedestrians and guards without any ability to affect them. Until I got bored and rebooted.

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  • Dr. Sara June 2, 2012 am30 1:12 mamnoon az soatalan.man halati ke migid raa ziyad nadidam magar inke bar asar pooshidan lebaashaye zir tang ya khoshki dahaneye majraye edraar bashd. ba tavajoh be inke man pezeshk nistam. toosiye mikonam ke yek motekhases orolozhist bebinid.

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