Even Great Games Have Bugs

Yes, this is prim­i­tive screen shot tech­nol­o­gy

The most inter­est­ing thing about this fun­ny pic­ture is that Ubisoft’s devel­op­ers chose to fill the bot­tom of their world with water. Fall through in a hole in the world, splash. Most games I’ve worked on have an infi­nite space to fall through below (some­times fol­lowed by a crash of float­ing point prob­lems) or a death plane a few meters down.

The watery under­world solu­tion prob­a­bly worked bet­ter in the orig­i­nal Assassin’s Creed, dur­ing which Altaïr chan­nels the Wicked Witch of the West, dying on first con­tact with water. That was great for wharf and ship-based assas­si­na­tions. Any­way, in the sequels, Ezio can man­age what most medieval cit­i­zens couldn’t: swim. The result was that I got to swim below the world, look­ing up at its pedes­tri­ans and guards with­out any abil­i­ty to affect them. Until I got bored and reboot­ed.

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  • Dr. Sara June 2, 2012 am30 1:12 mam­noon az soatalan.man halati ke migid raa ziyad nadi­dam mag­ar inke bar asar pooshi­dan lebaashaye zir tang ya khosh­ki dahan­eye majraye edraar bashd. ba tava­joh be inke man pezeshk nistam. toosiye mikon­am ke yek motekhas­es orolozhist bebinid.

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