Top 100 Lists Are an Order of Magnitude Dumber than Top 10 Lists

What’s worse than top 10 lists? Top 100 lists. Of sci­ence fic­tion and fan­tasy books. Deter­mined by inter­net vot­ing. Death to you, mediocre pop­u­lar opin­ion! And as far as NPR goes, did you guys really need to up your geek pageview count? All right, so fine.… what’d it get wrong?

In the wtf are you on this list list: Wheel of Time, Bel­gar­iad, Drizzt, Thrawn, Xanth, Malazan, Kushiel, Alera… Okay, to be fair, I quib­ble. It’s not a bad read­ing list — if you remove all of the fan­tasy series and stick with the stand-alone nov­els. That makes Tolkien a casu­alty of war, but I can live with that.

Update (8/12/11): Scalzi does a good job list­ing good books that are miss­ing from the list, as do some of his com­menters. If I had to pick one to add, it’d be some­thing from Kay – Tigana or per­haps The Lions of Al-Rassan.

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