Top 100 Lists Are an Order of Magnitude Dumber than Top 10 Lists

What’s worse than top 10 lists? Top 100 lists. Of sci­ence fic­tion and fan­ta­sy books. Deter­mined by inter­net vot­ing. Death to you, mediocre pop­u­lar opin­ion! And as far as NPR goes, did you guys real­ly need to up your geek pageview count? All right, so fine.… what’d it get wrong?

In the wtf are you on this list list: Wheel of Time, Bel­gar­i­ad, Driz­zt, Thrawn, Xanth, Malazan, Kushiel, Alera… Okay, to be fair, I quib­ble. It’s not a bad read­ing list — if you remove all of the fan­ta­sy series and stick with the stand-alone nov­els. That makes Tolkien a casu­al­ty of war, but I can live with that.

Update (8/12/11): Scalzi does a good job list­ing good books that are miss­ing from the list, as do some of his com­menters. If I had to pick one to add, it’d be some­thing from Kay — Tigana or per­haps The Lions of Al-Ras­san.

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