Real Wrath of God Type Stuff.

Our team sol­diers on. The first real char­ac­ter went into the game this week. This is a char­ac­ter we plan to make real in a live envi­ron­ment, instead of an object of playtest­ing.

The choice of our lead­off hit­ter emerges from a union of desires from art and design. Design needs to demon­strate to every­one (on the team and off) that we’re not your typ­i­cal action shoot­er. This char­ac­ter in ques­tion throws light­ning bolts. Check. Inter­nal to design, we also have to con­sid­er what it means that we have a fig­ure whose pri­ma­ry weapon involves a throw­ing attack. Mean­while, the art team gets to show off their tal­ent with a fan­ta­sy fig­ure that takes inspi­ra­tion from ancient pot­tery. And the FX team gets to do some heavy lift­ing as we sell the mag­ic of what’s going on.

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  • Mary Anne- You are such a doll!! Your pic­tures are baeu­ti­ful. I wish I could have been there with you to cel­e­brate. Jen Eck P.S. Check out my kid­dos on this blog (Carter & Mason)

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