Real Wrath of God Type Stuff.

Our team soldiers on. The first real character went into the game this week. This is a character we plan to make real in a live environment, instead of an object of playtesting.

The choice of our leadoff hitter emerges from a union of desires from art and design. Design needs to demonstrate to everyone (on the team and off) that we’re not your typical action shooter. This character in question throws lightning bolts. Check. Internal to design, we also have to consider what it means that we have a figure whose primary weapon involves a throwing attack. Meanwhile, the art team gets to show off their talent with a fantasy figure that takes inspiration from ancient pottery. And the FX team gets to do some heavy lifting as we sell the magic of what’s going on.

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  • Mary Anne- You are such a doll!! Your pictures are baeutiful. I wish I could have been there with you to celebrate. Jen Eck P.S. Check out my kiddos on this blog (Carter & Mason)

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