O Happy Day

A few days ago, for the first time in my life, I got mar­ried. Hope­ful­ly, it will be the last time too. I’m not sup­posed to be online dur­ing my hon­ey­moon, but I think I can sneak this post in while my won­der­ful wife walks the dogs this morn­ing.

In the absence of a design dis­cus­sion, for­give me if this update does allow me to relate my amuse­ment that our rela­tion­ship finds its foun­da­tion in gam­ing. Gam­ing has occu­pied a cen­tral role in the his­to­ry of this love affair – as every speech at the recep­tion remind­ed the gath­ered cel­e­brants. The glass mon­ster fig­urines used to iden­ti­fy the tables at the recep­tion added a clue to those not in the know. Of course, the favors for the guests were a full set of choco­late gam­ing dice. Yeah, yeah, you get the point.

It all fits. The new Mrs. Eck­el­ber­ry and I met thanks to gam­ing. No, we didn’t find one anoth­er online through WoW or EverQuest, although that’s not a ridicu­lous sup­po­si­tion. For us,  jux­ta­po­si­tions between game stu­dio col­leagues, a John May­er con­cert, and a D&D game com­bined to bring the future hus­band and wife togeth­er. Add in mutu­al inter­ests in clas­si­cal lit­er­a­ture, the­ater, can­is famil­iaris, and of course video games: the rest is des­tiny. Try not to hold that John May­er thing against her.

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