O Happy Day

A few days ago, for the first time in my life, I got married. Hopefully, it will be the last time too. I’m not supposed to be online during my honeymoon, but I think I can sneak this post in while my wonderful wife walks the dogs this morning.

In the absence of a design discussion, forgive me if this update does allow me to relate my amusement that our relationship finds its foundation in gaming. Gaming has occupied a central role in the history of this love affair – as every speech at the reception reminded the gathered celebrants. The glass monster figurines used to identify the tables at the reception added a clue to those not in the know. Of course, the favors for the guests were a full set of chocolate gaming dice. Yeah, yeah, you get the point.

It all fits. The new Mrs. Eckelberry and I met thanks to gaming. No, we didn’t find one another online through WoW or EverQuest, although that’s not a ridiculous supposition. For us,  juxtapositions between game studio colleagues, a John Mayer concert, and a D&D game combined to bring the future husband and wife together. Add in mutual interests in classical literature, theater, canis familiaris, and of course video games: the rest is destiny. Try not to hold that John Mayer thing against her.

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