Personality Profile, Horoscope, or Both

A few days ago, we had a consulting organization called Insights show up on our door to evaluate members of the studio’s senior staff. I didn’t realize this was happening, or even what it was, until I was delivered a link to a website and asked to fill out a personality questionnaire. Before the end of day. Fortunately, it turns out only a couple dozen questions are that are required to boil down a man into his essence.

Based on “Jungian archetypes,” and about that there too much really already has been said , the result is a leadership style simplified down to a colour. Or pair of colours. In any event, everyone loves playing with fingerpaints, right? Apparently it’s all the fad for our executives at Microsoft to introduce themselves with their colour. Mood rings for the 21st century. Or personalities boiled down to what colour of Magic deck represents our D&D character’s alignment. On some level, it did indeed seem insightful – you know, just like a well-delivered horoscope. After a pause for thought, it should occur to you that no human being can be reduced to an RGB value.

Honestly it felt like one of those tests that high school counsellors made us take to determine what career we should pursue. The test was obviously easy to manipulate, if you wanted to achieve a certain result. Of course that threatens to compound pointlessness with pointlessness. Oh, the obvious question? I’m red.


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