Coral Griffon?

Before demen­tia fol­lows in the wake of my fourth decade, and while I can still remem­ber, I want to answer the occa­sional ques­tion where my  most fre­quent gam­ing user id comes from. It’s not that com­pli­cated of a story…

I have always had a thing for grif­fons, so if we’re going to pick a totem, it’s mine. Maybe that arrived look­ing at Tenniel’s art when I was read­ing Lewis Carroll. Or just an out­growth of the child­like wish that to fly (of the “what super­power would you choose?”  vari­ety). If you’re mak­ing fan­tasy wishes, why stay with the mun­dane crea­tures? And as hybrid amal­ga­ma­tions and even reli­gious symbololgy, griffons are obvi­ously more inter­est­ing, and not so bois­ter­ous and hunted, as fire­breath­ing lizards.

Whither “Coral”? That’s a bit more per­sonal of a story. Long ago — let’s call it the nineties — much of my waking, nonworking hours were spent in a fan­tasy world called Norrath.  In that world I played a human monk. After a server shard early on demanded a renaming, I decided to name after a gem­stone. After much dis­cus­sion with a now for­got­ten GM, the name I was allowed was Coral. So few years, my Coral slew drag­ons, giants, and gods. As you do. And so that name was the one I went by in my per­sonal dig­i­tal world.

In the world of dig­i­tal name real estate, nei­ther of those names are unique enough to serve as a han­dle. Either they are too short, too taken, or just insuf­fi­cient to be dis­tinct. Together, they some­how rep­re­sent me and my dig­i­tal past.



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