Coral Griffon?

Before dementia follows in the wake of my fourth decade, and while I can still remember, I want to answer the occasional question where my  most frequent gaming user id comes from. It’s not that complicated of a story…

I have always had a thing for griffons, so if we’re going to pick a totem, it’s mine. Maybe that arrived looking at Tenniel’s art when I was reading Lewis Carroll. Or just an outgrowth of the childlike wish that to fly (of the “what superpower would you choose?”  variety). If you’re making fantasy wishes, why stay with the mundane creatures? And as hybrid amalgamations and even religious symbololgy, griffons are obviously more interesting, and not so boisterous and hunted, as firebreathing lizards.

Whither “Coral”? That’s a bit more personal of a story. Long ago – let’s call it the nineties – much of my waking, nonworking hours were spent in a fantasy world called Norrath.  In that world I played a human monk. After a server shard early on demanded a renaming, I decided to name after a gemstone. After much discussion with a now forgotten GM, the name I was allowed was Coral. So few years, my Coral slew dragons, giants, and gods. As you do. And so that name was the one I went by in my personal digital world.

In the world of digital name real estate, neither of those names are unique enough to serve as a handle. Either they are too short, too taken, or just insufficient to be distinct. Together, they somehow represent me and my digital past.



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