What is a metagame?

The term metagame has at least a couple meanings. One of them implies a game strategy that may be an exploit. I guess that means gaming the system, taken to the next level. Another definition of a metagame refers to the game universe outside of the game itself. That means talking about the game. Building a M:tG deck. Posting on online forums. Refining your tanking strategy over ventrilo. In this specific case, metagame means a blog about games.

Who am I?

I’m David Eckelberry, a game designer with time at Wizards of the Coast, Turbine Entertainment, LucasArts, and Electronic Arts. These days, I’m a creative director working for Lionhead, a division of Microsoft. I live and work in Guildford, which is a suburb thirty thirtyminutes southwest of London. Prior to moving to the UK in 2012, I lived in a nomadic life scattered across the United States thanks to my parents, university, and then a series of game studios.

Since much of my time is devoted to what could make games better, or just observations about the greater world of gaming, I’ve made this blog. This is my outlet for such thoughts. Enjoy them, or don’t. Maybe it’s more for me than you. These days, I play most genres of console and PC games, plus occasionally enjoy board, card, and pen-and-paper roleplaying games. I’ll comment about all of them, or whatever else strikes my interest.

What’s posted here may be judged as fact or fic­tion, wis­dom or folly. Posts here do not reflect the opin­ion of my employ­ers, past or present.