What is a metagame?

The term metagame has at least a cou­ple mean­ings. One of them implies a game strat­egy that may be an exploit. I guess that means gam­ing the sys­tem, taken to the next level. Another def­i­n­i­tion of a metagame refers to the game uni­verse out­side of the game itself. That means talk­ing about the game. Build­ing a M:tG deck. Post­ing on online forums. Refin­ing your tank­ing strat­egy over ven­trilo. In this spe­cific case, metagame means a blog about games.

Who am I?

I’m David Eck­el­berry, a game designer with time at Wiz­ards of the Coast, Tur­bine Enter­tain­ment, LucasArts, and Elec­tronic Arts. These days, I’m a cre­ative direc­tor work­ing for Lion­head, a divi­sion of Microsoft. I live and work in Guild­ford, which is a sub­urb thirty thir­tymin­utes south­west of Lon­don. Prior to mov­ing to the UK in 2012, I lived in a nomadic life scat­tered across the United States thanks to my par­ents, uni­ver­sity, and then a series of game studios.

Since much of my time is devoted to what could make games bet­ter, or just obser­va­tions about the greater world of gam­ing, I’ve made this blog. This is my out­let for such thoughts. Enjoy them, or don’t. Maybe it’s more for me than you. These days, I play most gen­res of con­sole and PC games, plus occa­sion­ally enjoy board, card, and pen-and-paper role­play­ing games. I’ll com­ment about all of them, or what­ever else strikes my interest.

What’s posted here may be judged as fact or fic­tion, wis­dom or folly. Posts here do not reflect the opin­ion of my employ­ers, past or present.