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Ludonarrative Dissonance Re-Examined

I assume you know the term. Here’s a relatively recent review of the concept if you needed. As much as I’ve mostly enjoyed the online discussion, I think we’ve failed to examine the simple reason why narratives can fail in games. As a result, we’ve missed why things are unlikely to change. The issue may […]

Let me tell you a story of heroes

Another day arrives, and another evening at the Lionhead office has dragged on into morning. My first English summer has seen many a late night, and more than a few sleepless mornings. All with good reason; it’s for a good cause. Truth be told, I have no one to blame but myself. It must be love. […]

Coral Griffon?

Before dementia follows in the wake of my fourth decade, and while I can still remember, I want to answer the occasional question where my  most frequent gaming user id comes from. It’s not that complicated of a story… I have always had a thing for griffons, so if we’re going to pick a totem, it’s mine. Maybe […]

Personality Profile, Horoscope, or Both

A few days ago, we had a consulting organization called Insights show up on our door to evaluate members of the studio’s senior staff. I didn’t realize this was happening, or even what it was, until I was delivered a link to a website and asked to fill out a personality questionnaire. Before the end […]