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Moving to Albion

How did I get here? Here, living in Guildford, England. Here, working for Lionhead Studios, and by extension Microsoft. Here, developing a game that I am eager to tell everyone all about – and that I can tell no one about. How did I get here? That’s a good question. I remember most every detail of the process. […]

Cooldowns: Worth Using?

Today, game designers rely on reuse timers as the means to control the moment-to-moment economy. The economy of core gameplay such as combat — not gold or XP. In essence, game designers use cooldowns to create a limited resource, and thus apply a cost, on ability or item use.  Why have cooldowns become common? They’re […]

Who Made Mass Effect 2, Really?

Though I used to work for Electronic Arts, and I have friends and colleagues at Bioware, I never made inquiries into the odd dissonance within the Mass Effect series. So instead I ask here: Was each Mass Effect game designed by a different Bioware team? Actually, was was ME2 secretly written by another studio – say, […]

O Happy Day

A few days ago, for the first time in my life, I got married. Hopefully, it will be the last time too. I’m not supposed to be online during my honeymoon, but I think I can sneak this post in while my wonderful wife walks the dogs this morning. In the absence of a design […]