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My news in the midst of this very busy sum­mer is: good­bye, Elec­tronic Arts. Per­haps we shal meet again in the future, but after work­ing for a year and a half, it is past time to call it a day. I attempted to desert my post on at Red­wood Shores about three months ago, but failed to see […]

Older and Maybe Wiser

Today is my birth­day, and with it comes an annual reminder that I con­tinue to age and yet my stats do not improve like Gary Gygax promised. More like a rust­ing car than a fine wine. My reced­ing birth year means I’m ever less attrac­tive to adver­tis­ers and insur­ance agents. If you know me and […]

The Best GDC Session You (Probably) Didn’t Attend

My MVP ses­sion this year was Jason Scott’s explo­ration of “Stu­dio Design Groups.” For good or ill, my own his­tory as a designer has been work­ing for big­ger stu­dios and pub­lish­ers. Each of those had a wealth of design tal­ent, but the tal­ent that was divided and nat­u­rally enough focused on indi­vid­ual projects. Inter­nal division […]

Real Wrath of God Type Stuff.

Our team sol­diers on. The first real char­ac­ter went into the game this week. This is a char­ac­ter we plan to make real in a live envi­ron­ment, instead of an object of playtest­ing. The choice of our lead­off hit­ter emerges from a union of desires from art and design. Design needs to demon­strate to everyone […]