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Gaming the Apocalypse

Sunday night, I dragged a fellow gamer to see Contagion. She didn’t want to see it at first, but in the end we both enjoyed the film. Don’t worry: I’m not adding movie reviews to this blog. At least not as such. And I don’t reveal any spoilers. I have enough trouble keeping up with […]

Ready Player Fun

Ready Player One is the first-person narrative of Wade, a geek, a predictably disaffected young man who spends most of his life under the pseudonym Parzival. (Rest assured, no spoilers will be given away here.) Who is Parzival? He’s an avatar inside the virtual meta-MMO named OASIS. Wade named his character for the Grail knight […]

Top 100 Lists Are an Order of Magnitude Dumber than Top 10 Lists

What’s worse than top 10 lists? Top 100 lists. Of science fiction and fantasy books. Determined by internet voting. Death to you, mediocre popular opinion! And as far as NPR goes, did you guys really need to up your geek pageview count?¬†All right, so fine…. what’d it get wrong? In the wtf are you on […]

Watson may win Jeopardy, but does it matter?

Continuing a short-lived fascination with Skynet’s imminent takeover, recently I saw that IBM has designed a computer to win at Jeopardy. The associated competition begins airing, oddly enough, on Valentine’s day. And hey, that’s neat. This particular man vs. machine skirmish is a lot more approachable than Deep Blue vs. Kasparov. But there’s something odd […]