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Absorbing a New Perspective

The highest compliment I can offer any media creator is that his or her work made me feel something. Then made me think about it. The best books, games, etc. reach such a pinnacle by offering a vision of something new, or a new way to look at something. I don’t spend much time online […]

Movie Heroes and their D&D Prime Stat

Time for a little holiday fun. A discussion at work yesterday trampled over how taste in action heroes has changed within the last two decades or so – basically, the adult lives of the people participating in the conversation. And then Dungeons & Dragons got involved somehow… and so here we are, wasting valuable time […]

Regretful Validation

After a full day at BlizzCon, I leave the Anaheim Convention Center feeling that this morning’s opinion stands justified. When compared to any gaming convention, there is so little activity. Lots of people, but little content. And if it is for news or information you came, Blizzard understandably and jealously guards its secrets. What remains […]

BliizzCon Begins

BlizzCon is a weird event. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been to dozens of gaming conventions: small local things, DragonCon, Gencon, old E3, new E3, PAX, etc. Each is different, but each contains such a diversity of activities and interests that I understand why the event exists. I don’t really understand why this event does. […]