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Story is where an RPG should shine – even a hybrid RPG like this one. The RPG player demonstrates a willingness to take things at a slower pace, to invest himself into character and story, and to relish the narrative. So let’s look at the Mass Effect 2’s plot [Spoilers!]: Hero is killed by aliens, […]

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At the end of the day, Mass Effect’s sequel is a disappointment. Believe me, I know I’m swimming against the current here. EA/Bioware gets to put a big trophy on their mantleĀ  – a 96% Metacritic. That’s the fourth highest score for a 360 title, ever. So am I insane? Maybe. But as I played […]

Arkham Asylum is Good.

For the second time this summer, I find myself playing a game based on a movie. Yeah, I know that technically Arkham Asylum isn’t based on The Dark Knight, but … let’s just say that they have a lot in common. Shared protagonist, villain, and tone. Oh, don’t take my word for it. I lie […]

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If you haven’t played it, inFamous is a platform-shooter. It replaces firearms with electic powers that are indistinguishable from shooter gameplay, right down to the controls. So it’s Crackdown on the PS3 with updated art, though the art does not approach the best graphics that the PS3 we’ve seen. I like the comic book-style cinematics, […]