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Real Wrath of God Type Stuff.

Our team sol­diers on. The first real char­ac­ter went into the game this week. This is a char­ac­ter we plan to make real in a live envi­ron­ment, instead of an object of playtest­ing. The choice of our lead­off hit­ter emerges from a union of desires from art and design. Design needs to demon­strate to everyone […]

Optimizing Play in Cooperative Boardgames

After the suc­cess­ful inva­sion of Eurogames into the New World, the growth and pop­u­lar­ity of boardgames in the US has beeny impres­sive, espe­cially given today’s dig­i­tal and vir­tual offer­ings. My take is that sit­ting around a table and play­ing with friends or fam­ily has irre­place­able social value. This argu­ment has long been made for tabletop […]

An Addendum to Pulsipher

So I’m read­ing this cool book on board game design. The book is a col­lec­tion of essays, some bet­ter than oth­ers. In the first, Lewis Pul­sipher poses some solu­tions to the three player prob­lem and petty diplo­macy. He goes into some detail to define the prob­lems (check the link) and present the answers he has tested inside […]

Player Interdependency

How much should the suc­cess and enjoy­ment of a game depend on the per­for­mance of team­mates? That’s the ques­tion strug­gling to find an answer in League of Leg­ends and other MOBA games. Plenty of devel­op­ers despise use of the term, but I’ll apply it here: LoL is addic­tive. I con­tinue to play for some reasons […]