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Real Wrath of God Type Stuff.

Our team soldiers on. The first real character went into the game this week. This is a character we plan to make real in a live environment, instead of an object of playtesting. The choice of our leadoff hitter emerges from a union of desires from art and design. Design needs to demonstrate to everyone […]

Optimizing Play in Cooperative Boardgames

After the successful invasion of Eurogames into the New World, the growth and popularity of boardgames in the US has beeny impressive, especially given today’s digital and virtual offerings. My take is that sitting around a table and playing with friends or family has irreplaceable social value. This argument has long been made for tabletop […]

An Addendum to Pulsipher

So I’m reading¬†this cool book¬†on board game design. The book is a collection of essays, some better than others. In the first, Lewis Pulsipher poses some solutions to the three player problem and petty diplomacy. He goes into some detail to define the problems (check the link) and present the answers he has tested inside […]

Player Interdependency

How much should the success and enjoyment of a game depend on the performance of teammates? That’s the question struggling to find an answer in League of Legends and other MOBA games. Plenty of developers despise use of the term, but I’ll apply it here: LoL is addictive. I continue to play for some reasons […]