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More Like a Gameshow Host

Today we passed an unofficial greenlight meeting with corporate executives from Stockholm. If you don’t remember the corporate reorganization (not a synonym for layoffs, in this case) that EA just went through, many of the executive chairs shuffled around. As a result, the EA Games “Eagle” division, including Visceral, now reports up the chain of command to […]

D&D4E: The Exceptional Flaw

An opinion on how designers botched the latest edition of Dungeon & Dragons. That’s what I promised. The last post focused on external factors that played into its decline as a paper game: technology and convenience. I won’t wax poetic with social commentary on shorter attention spans, less free time, and the problems with kids’ […]

Limited Resources and PowerUp Design

The world is running out of oil. Clean water. Topsoil. Ozone. These represent serious resource problems about which I know … little. Do your research, and then shop or vote appropriately. On the other hand, a certain problem of digital limited resources has consumed much of my time of late. First, let me refine my topic. […]

The Light is Green

For the last months I’ve been in seclusion, working I can only describe as a monastic existence. Working alone is something I’ve done before, at every studio I’ve worked, actually. I’ve just never devoted myself so exclusively to “the pitch phase” for so long as I have here at Electronic Arts. Long enough to see the […]