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Let me tell you a story of heroes

Another day arrives,¬†and another evening at the Lionhead office has dragged on into morning. My first English summer has seen many a late night, and more than a few sleepless mornings. All with good reason; it’s for a good cause. Truth be told, I have no one to blame but myself. It must be love. […]

A Long Goodbye for D&D

Dungeons & Dragons is dead! Long live Dungeons & Dragons! With each decade, this cry heralded an updated edition of D&D. Three times I’ve witnessed the cycle resound and echo loudly to merit the game’s continuation. Sometimes even expansion. So it is with regret that I’ve noted the latest edition isn’t faring well. Financially or […]

Gamification Is Bullshit. So Far.

Gamification is usually bullshit. This means that I mostly agree with Ian Bogost. Intrinsically, it is neither good nor evil. Gamification exploits reward structures common to games, and game-like structures, to incentivize certain behavior. Of course, we can say that nuclear weapons and AK-47s aren’t intrinsically evil, either. But we can expect that the ends […]

Games that people should stop trying to copy

Not a week goes by without someone nearby proposing to take an existing game and “make it better.” Maybe the hopeful developer sees a flaw that only they can find, or maybe they love a title so much that they just have to imitate it. Maybe they have an unfounded sense of pride and their […]