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Play Games, Get Rich

Not too many people get rich playing games. Well, except for real gamblers with poker (shout-out to David Williams). Maybe some with M:tG. And of course I guess game developers turn a living out of playing games. Some of them get rich over it, or at least seem to. Oh, nevermind anyone can do it: […]

Bullshit Alert: Zynga threatens Sony and Microsoft

From the land of venture capitalists looking to cash on the latest entertainment fad (social network games , as opposed to last year’s virtual worlds), we get this garbage from Fortune magazine: With more than 235 million monthly users, Zynga rules the nascent world of free online games played via social networks like Facebook. Real […]

Another Year, Another GDC

I don’t have much to say about GDC this year. Wrap-ups at gamasutra can do a better job of what all was there. GDC seemed dominated by two themes: Naughty Dog takes everyone to school. That’s what one of my coworkers called it. Really, I didn’t mind, though, they had a lot of detailed talks […]

Free Dungeons & Profit

About six months ago, I suggested we should check back later and see how DDO’s experiment with free-to-play has gone. The answer, according to Turbine’s current executive this week, is pretty well: The response from players to DDO Unlimited has been nothing short of phenomenal. We’ve known all along how great this game is and […]