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More than an Advertisement?

Six months ago I posted that Magic on Xbox Live was a Trojan Horse of sorts: an online ad calling on lapsed players to come back to Jamaica. You know, all of you millions of players from the 90s or early 00’s that have given up the game: try it again! Fall in love with […]

PC Gaming vs. Pirates

The good news: Modern Warfare 2, over four million copies sold. The bad news: over four million copies illegally downloaded. Like music and film, games are just data that can be sent over the tubes. Film and games are respectively harder thanks to their larger size, but growing bandwidth will make this point moot. Piracy […]

Thanksgiving Sales

And you don’t even need to leave your home. Check out the deals on Steam. Dragon Age, Arkham Asylum, etc.. Good games. And most importantly, the LucasArts bundle, for 50% off. Lots of classic games that the studio has pushed out in the last year.

Dragon Free for All

It was worth commenting on before, but time flies and here we are. DDO freeplay has gone live. Someday I should compose something of a personal postmortem on the game, but until then, we can talk about this development. Of course, by “free” it’s “freemium,” not absolutely free. There are ways – subscriptions and microtransactions […]