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More details than you wanted about Dave’s life

Coral Griffon?

Before dementia follows in the wake of my fourth decade, and while I can still remember, I want to answer the occasional question where my  most frequent gaming user id comes from. It’s not that complicated of a story… I have always had a thing for griffons, so if we’re going to pick a totem, it’s mine. Maybe […]

Moving to Albion

How did I get here? Here, living in Guildford, England. Here, working for Lionhead Studios, and by extension Microsoft. Here, developing a game that I am eager to tell everyone all about – and that I can tell no one about. How did I get here? That’s a good question. I remember most every detail of the process. […]

O Happy Day

A few days ago, for the first time in my life, I got married. Hopefully, it will be the last time too. I’m not supposed to be online during my honeymoon, but I think I can sneak this post in while my wonderful wife walks the dogs this morning. In the absence of a design […]


My news in the midst of this very busy summer is: goodbye, Electronic Arts. Perhaps we shal meet again in the future, but after working for a year and a half, it is past time to call it a day. I attempted to desert my post on at Redwood Shores about three months ago, but failed to see […]