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More details than you want­ed about Dave’s life

Older and Maybe Wiser

Today is my birth­day, and with it comes an annu­al reminder that I con­tin­ue to age and yet my stats do not improve like Gary Gygax promised. More like a rust­ing car than a fine wine. My reced­ing birth year means I’m ever less attrac­tive to adver­tis­ers and insur­ance agents. If you know me and […]

Home Again

I have returned. Might even post some.

We’re Fine, Mom

A bomb went off in the Khan mar­ket­place in Cairo. We vis­it­ed the area sev­er­al times in the past week (and have plen­ty of authen­tic Pha­ron­ic crap to prove it). From what we’ve been told, the grenade injured sev­er­al French tourists and Egyp­tians, killing one young French woman. No one among the Amer­i­can embassy staff […]


Not that I’ve been post­ing, but tomor­row I leave for a trip to Egypt and France with the Bar­do Group. Cairo and Giza for a week, Lux­or and south­ern Egypt for a week, and then Paris for a week. So, um, back in three weeks.