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More details than you wanted about Dave’s life

Older and Maybe Wiser

Today is my birthday, and with it comes an annual reminder that I continue to age and yet my stats do not improve like Gary Gygax promised. More like a rusting car than a fine wine. My receding birth year means I’m ever less attractive to advertisers and insurance agents. If you know me and […]

Home Again

I have returned. Might even post some.

We’re Fine, Mom

A bomb went off in the Khan marketplace in Cairo. We visited the area several times in the past week (and have plenty of authentic Pharonic crap to prove it). From what we’ve been told, the grenade injured several French tourists and Egyptians, killing one young French woman. No one among the American embassy staff […]


Not that I’ve been posting, but tomorrow I leave for a trip to Egypt and France with the Bardo Group. Cairo and Giza for a week, Luxor and southern Egypt for a week, and then Paris for a week. So, um, back in three weeks.