More Like a Gameshow Host

Today we passed an unofficial greenlight meeting with corporate executives from Stockholm. If you don’t remember the corporate¬†reorganization¬†(not a synonym for layoffs, in this case) that EA just went through, many of the executive chairs shuffled around. As a result, the EA Games “Eagle” division, including Visceral, now reports up the chain of command to […]

Ready Player Fun

Ready Player One is the first-person narrative of Wade, a geek, a predictably disaffected young man who spends most of his life under the pseudonym Parzival. (Rest assured, no spoilers will be given away here.) Who is Parzival? He’s an avatar inside the virtual meta-MMO named OASIS. Wade named his character for the Grail knight […]

D&D4E: The Exceptional Flaw

An opinion on how designers botched the latest edition of Dungeon & Dragons. That’s what I promised. The last post focused on external factors that played into its decline as a paper game: technology and convenience. I won’t wax poetic with social commentary on shorter attention spans, less free time, and the problems with kids’ […]

A Long Goodbye for D&D

Dungeons & Dragons is dead! Long live Dungeons & Dragons! With each decade, this cry heralded an updated edition of D&D. Three times I’ve witnessed the cycle resound and echo loudly to merit the game’s continuation. Sometimes even expansion. So it is with regret that I’ve noted the latest edition isn’t faring well. Financially or […]