Limited Resources and PowerUp Design

The world is running out of oil. Clean water. Topsoil. Ozone. These represent serious resource problems about which I know … little. Do your research, and then shop or vote appropriately. On the other hand, a certain problem of digital limited resources has consumed much of my time of late. First, let me refine my topic. […]

Top 100 Lists Are an Order of Magnitude Dumber than Top 10 Lists

What’s worse than top 10 lists? Top 100 lists. Of science fiction and fantasy books. Determined by internet voting. Death to you, mediocre popular opinion! And as far as NPR goes, did you guys really need to up your geek pageview count? All right, so fine…. what’d it get wrong? In the wtf are you on […]

Gamification Is Bullshit. So Far.

Gamification is usually bullshit. This means that I mostly agree with Ian Bogost. Intrinsically, it is neither good nor evil. Gamification exploits reward structures common to games, and game-like structures, to incentivize certain behavior. Of course, we can say that nuclear weapons and AK-47s aren’t intrinsically evil, either. But we can expect that the ends […]

The Light is Green

For the last months I’ve been in seclusion, working I can only describe as a monastic existence. Working alone is something I’ve done before, at every studio I’ve worked, actually. I’ve just never devoted myself so exclusively to “the pitch phase” for so long as I have here at Electronic Arts. Long enough to see the […]