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Play Games, Get Rich

Not too many people get rich playing games. Well, except for real gamblers with poker (shout-out to David Williams). Maybe some with M:tG. And of course I guess game developers turn a living out of playing games. Some of them get rich over it, or at least seem to. Oh, nevermind anyone can do it: […]

Squirrels and Nuts

I had hope that the Giants could salvage the three-game series with a win today. But the Cards are a better team, so I wasn’t all that surprised when Pujols and company looked poised to win it. Then a venerable blind squirrel came out to find a nut before the sun would set. This is […]

Self-Interest and the General Manager

Everyone acts in their own self-interest. Brian Sabean wants to make a trade for a bat. Good idea. Nothing wrong with trying to address a weakness, and believe me, the local team has a weakness. (Giants : Offense :: Achilles : Heel). The question becomes what you’re willing to give up. Sabean is willing to […]

Dinner with Timmy

I don’t normally stalk celebrities…. Last night after work I went to dinner at Parma, a tiny Italian restaurant in the Presidio area. There, a little happy luck shined down. At the table next to me? Tim Lincecum and Joe Martinez. I tried to let them eat in peace, but happily Timmy joined in our […]