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Need for Speed’s Autolog: LeaderBoards & Achievements from the Future

I’ve tired of achieve­ments. For me, the nov­el­ty has worn off, and there’s sim­ply too many of them, dis­trib­uted on so many plat­forms: Xbox, PS3, Steam, Battle.net, etc. Exter­nal opt-in sys­tems like Rap­tr can’t rem­e­dy such frag­men­ta­tion. As it stands, I don’t doubt the pow­er of achieve­ments to be a psy­cho­log­i­cal moti­va­tor. They will remain […]

The New Job

Today was my first day at Vis­cer­al. It was good day, once the nec­es­sary human resources ori­en­ta­tion timesink was com­plete. Noth­ing per­son­al, Jeff. For the record, I don’t talk much about my job or the specifics of what I’m work­ing on it on this blog. That’s not like­ly to change. Work­ing on unre­leased (and fre­quent­ly […]