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Movie Heroes and their D&D Prime Stat

Time for a little holiday fun. A discussion at work yesterday trampled over how taste in action heroes has changed within the last two decades or so – basically, the adult lives of the people participating in the conversation. And then Dungeons & Dragons got involved somehow… and so here we are, wasting valuable time […]

Thirteen Again

When I was thirteen years old, I stayed up late to watch Star Trek. This was 1986 (yeah, the math says I’m sort of old). The local cable affiliate aired the adventures of Kirk and Spock from 11 to 12 every night. God bless them. I must admit I was pretty much friendless following the […]

Undying Star Wars

Whatever you think of the prequel films (the determinant seems to be how old you are), they did something that was necessary for the brand, introducing Star Wars to a new generation of fans. Phantom Menace is about ten years old now, and Revenge of the Sith four years. The next thing (not the rumored […]

The Best DVD Commentary Ever

isn’t on a DVD at all. It’s online. Spielberg, Lucas, and Kasdan met in 1978 to discuss the basic story ideas behind the character Indiana Jones and the movie called Raiders of the Lost Ark. Knowing the story as well as we do today, and seeing the genesis of each idea … priceless. Check out […]