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Choice and Morality, Part Two

A bit of history. In imitating the pen and paper game, Dungeons & Dragons-like video games have long exposed an alignment field. This was a text field without game consequence. Making choices that could affect the game or character’s moral status is a more recent phenomena. Knights of the Old Republic (2003) pops into mind […]

PS2 Adventure, Revisited

This week I went back to play a PS2 title. Sitting on my shelf for a couple years, Indigo Prophecy represented one of those “You have to play this!” pieces of entertainment that I dutifully buy, but never find the time or sufficient desire to play. This past weekend, it made its way into my […]

Prince of Persia

I enjoyed it, but it’s a guilty pleasure. The game holds your hand at every point, and is generally an easy tourist game. That said, I relished the platforming and rhythm of the game. Like Mirror’s Edge, the navigation gameplay has a cadence to it, and once you get the basics, you can have a […]