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The Best GDC Session You (Probably) Didn’t Attend

My MVP session this year was Jason Scott’s exploration of “Studio Design Groups.” For good or ill, my own history as a designer has been working for bigger studios and publishers. Each of those had a wealth of design talent, but the talent that was divided and naturally enough focused on individual projects. Internal division […]

Another Year, Another GDC

I don’t have much to say about GDC this year. Wrap-ups at gamasutra can do a better job of what all was there. GDC seemed dominated by two themes: Naughty Dog takes everyone to school. That’s what one of my coworkers called it. Really, I didn’t mind, though, they had a lot of detailed talks […]

Boys vs. Girls

If you haven’t kept up with the latest post-GDC tempest (and really, why would you?), it starts and ends with game critic Heather Chaplin giving a rant during the rant roundtable at GDC. Summary here. I didn’t attend this one, and I don’t really regret missing it. Short version: We developers are all stunted adolescents […]

GDC Thoughts, Part 2

First blogging away from home. All two miles of distance. My best session today was ten sessions long. The problem with GDC is that, even when you know the speaker and the topic, sometimes you don’t get you what you’re looking for. Or the speaker has a bad day, whatever. What’s one answer to that? […]