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Like Call of Duty? You’ll Love FarmVille

So, you’re a gamer. This seems a reasonable assumption given the website you’ve chosen to read. That means that you’ve likely played Call of Duty, judging by the sales of Black Ops and its two immediate predecessors. You may even have spent two hundred hours earning its many weapons, unlocks, and badges. Congratulations, you’ve killed […]

Need for Speed’s Autolog: LeaderBoards & Achievements from the Future

I’ve tired of achievements. For me, the novelty has worn off, and there’s simply too many of them, distributed on so many platforms: Xbox, PS3, Steam, Battle.net, etc. External opt-in systems like Raptr can’t remedy such fragmentation. As it stands, I don’t doubt the power of achievements to be a psychological motivator. They will remain […]

First to Market Not as Valuable Anymore

In a typical race, a head start is pretty valuable. And in a new medium it used to be damn valuable to be first. Being first attracted players that bore with them their own gravity, their own social weight to draw on yet more players. This has been especially true for multiplayer games of any kind. […]

Bullshit Alert: Zynga threatens Sony and Microsoft

From the land of venture capitalists looking to cash on the latest entertainment fad (social network games , as opposed to last year’s virtual worlds), we get this garbage from Fortune magazine: With more than 235 million monthly users, Zynga rules the nascent world of free online games played via social networks like Facebook. Real […]