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No Bioshock MMO? No Kidding!

In order to explain why Take Two won’t be mak­ing a Bioshock MMO, Chair­man Scott Zel­nick does what CEOs do best, he spouts some pop­u­lar wis­dom: “How many MMOs have worked in US mar­ket? WOW and Everquest.” Scott is right. Take Two shouldn’t make a Bioshock MMO. But he’s all wrong as to the rea­sons […]

Old Republic Trailer Kicks Ass

A great day for hear­ing from cowork­ers and friends how awe­some this is. I don’t care that I had noth­ing to do with the trail­er and have very lit­tle to do with the game, it’s enough to be play­ing the game before… you. No, I can’t help you with alpha or beta access, go away. […]

Undying Star Wars

What­ev­er you think of the pre­quel films (the deter­mi­nant seems to be how old you are), they did some­thing that was nec­es­sary for the brand, intro­duc­ing Star Wars to a new gen­er­a­tion of fans. Phan­tom Men­ace is about ten years old now, and Revenge of the Sith four years. The next thing (not the rumored […]

The Best DVD Commentary Ever

isn’t on a DVD at all. It’s online. Spiel­berg, Lucas, and Kas­dan met in 1978 to dis­cuss the basic sto­ry ideas behind the char­ac­ter Indi­ana Jones and the movie called Raiders of the Lost Ark. Know­ing the sto­ry as well as we do today, and see­ing the gen­e­sis of each idea … price­less. Check out […]